Test ID should be used when running MSTest.exe with /unique switch

The MSDN document MSTest.exe Command-Line Options describes the usage of MSTest. It has a /unique switch. If you follow the demo in the document to use /unique switch, you might get the error message “Test MethodTest1 is not unique. It maps to more than one test.”.

In Visual Studio, a test method has an ID. To get the test ID, you can

  1. Select a test in the Test View window.
  2. Press F4 to open the Property Window.
  3. Find the ID field in the Property Window.

For unit test, the test ID is made up of namespace.class.testmethod. For coded web test, the ID is made up of namespace.class. When MSTest.exe is run with /unique switch, test ID should be passed to /test switch. For example: MSTest  /testcontainer:TestProject1.dll /test:TestProject1.Class1Test.TestMethod1 /unique.


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