Encounter TF220065 error during TFS installation

Yesterday, I helped an internal customer to troubleshoot a TFS installation issue. A search of TF220065 on google doesn’t reveal similar scenarios. So I’m blogging this problem and solution here. The following is the screenshot we got when installing TFS.


In my case, TFS is a dual server deployment. The Reporting Service was installed on the data tier. By default, TFS installation wizard “assumes” Reporting Service is installed on the application tier and is not configured. We configured the Reporting Service in the data tier and modified the following 3 properties as described in Msiproperty.ini File Properties. Then the problem was resolved.


Anonymous November 19, 2009 at 2:00 PM

I have the same mistake, and I am traying to installe TFS2008 pack1 on windows server 2008 and reporting service ton an another machine Windows server 2008 R2 where is installeled SQL SERVER 2008

I got this mistake and this log

[02:51:40.335] [0x00000001] TFS_SERVICE_ACCOUNT is not specified.
[02:51:40.335] [0x00000001] TFS_REPORTING_ACCOUNT is not specified.
[02:51:40.335] [0x00000001] [LCID]='1036'
[02:51:40.335] [0x00000001] [Server]='manage-server'
[02:51:40.335] [0x00000001] [CurrentDir]='C:\Users\administrateur.Domaine\AppData\Local\Temp\SIT35947.tmp'
[02:51:40.335] [0x00000001] [INSTANCE_PREFIX]=''
[02:51:40.335] [0x00000001] [SERVICE_ROLE]='TFSEXECROLE'
[02:51:40.335] [0x00000001] [VSTF_AS_INSTANCE]='server_SQL'
[02:51:40.335] [0x00000001] [VSTF_AS_DATABASE]='TfsWarehouse'
[02:51:40.335] [0x00000001] CheckINTLcid.sql
[02:51:40.555] [0x00000001] CheckINT.sql
[02:51:40.570] [0x00000001] found bis
[02:51:40.570] [0x00000001] SchemaVersionId column exists.
[02:51:40.570] [0x00000001] Check Result = 2
[02:51:40.570] [0x00000001] TfsIntegration DataStoreCanBeUpgraded
[02:51:40.570] [0x00000001] CheckVC.sql
[02:51:40.602] [0x00000001] Check Result = 2
[02:51:40.602] [0x00000001] TfsVersionControl DataStoreCanBeUpgraded
[02:51:40.602] [0x00000001] CheckWIT.sql
[02:51:40.617] [0x00000001] Check Result = 2
[02:51:40.617] [0x00000001] TfsWorkItemTracking DataStoreCanBeUpgraded
[02:51:40.617] [0x00000001] CheckTB.sql
[02:51:40.633] [0x00000001] Check Result = 2
[02:51:40.633] [0x00000001] TfsBuild DataStoreCanBeUpgraded
[02:51:40.633] [0x00000001] CheckWH.sql
[02:51:40.649] [0x00000001] found the warehouse
[02:51:40.664] [0x00000001] Check Result = 2
[02:51:40.664] [0x00000001] TfsWarehouse DataStoreCanBeUpgraded

Steven July 2, 2010 at 10:56 AM

This error can also be caused if you are using an old database and installing a new TFS server. You would need to run the following command:

RSConfig -c -s Server name -d Reporting Services database name -a Sql|Windows -u User name -p User password

As found here:


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